About me . . . ,

Hmmm . . . , (Don’t you just love to use ellipses?) . . . ,

Do you want my entire life story? Ehhh . . . , probably not. Only snippets are interesting.

I enjoy wearing sundresses while riding about on my bike with a basket of fresh bouquet of sunflowers and an opened pint of blueberries from the farmers market.

I like listening to Claude Debussy and Frederic Chopin as I roam about art museums aimlessly. Have you ever felt an art movement? Listen to Claire da Lune while gazing at Monet’s en plein air paintings one day. They will come to life.

I run daily whether from someone, to something, or just because. It’s the closest thing to flying.

I eat an enormous amount of popcorn especially when it’s drizzled with honey.

Oh, and I like to travel. Like A lot.

I’m 26 years old and have been to 46 states in the U.S. (trying to make all 50 before I turn 30), have been to Denmark, Scotland, England, France, Canada, and Puerto Rico. I live out in the Wild Wild West during the summer months and usually pop back to Michigan for most of the winter months.

Back in college, I loved the humanities, so much so that I majored in art history and took a million English/literature classes.

My favorite professor would always tell me (with almost every essay). “Laura, your introductions should never take an entire page.”

But Doc, do you like my clever hook and how I bring it back around in my conclusion? Isn’t it an exciting little story?

“Yes Laura, but your introduction is way too long.”

Ok, but do you like my descriptions, vocabulary, and sentence structure?

“Yes Laura, but your introduction is way too long.”

. . . ,

Well, essay writing is over (at least at this point in my life) so maybe it’s alright to write those long introduction-like stories?

Here goes nothing.

Lets Go Somewhere



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