If Jeremiah Johnson were a history teacher…

I was in the car on my way downtown to meet date #1 for coffee. My stomach felt funny, and I wanted to go back.

Thankfully, Rachel was driving and flat out refused to turn around: “Laura, this is good and you’ll have fun! How bad could it be?”

I immediately remembered an incident five years ago…

I met him in an English Lit class. He was cute, well dressed, made intelligent comments on Victorian poetry, and smiled a lot. Not bad, right?

Friday night we decided to go ice-skating. We get our skates on, and set foot on the ice… He immediately grabbed hold of me in desperation not to fall. He failed to mention that he had never skated before. EVER.

Within 5 minutes, in the cold arena, he was drenched in sweat.

Within 20 minutes, he had fallen on his chin, cut it, and was bleeding (He refused to end the skating early, and to his credit continued to try his very best to stay on his feet).

25 minutes later, he fell on his chin AGAIN. This time, there was a gash in his chin and there was blood EVERYWHERE.

After finding a first aid kit and bandaging his head, he said that he should get home and call his doctor. We left the ice rink, and didn’t see each other until class on Monday.

He got 16 stitches.

How bad could it be, Rachel says? Let’s not talk about the options.  Besides, it was only coffee and no ice rinks, right?

I found a table and began to read BBC news while waiting for this guy I didn’t know while trying not to remember every detail of the ice-skating chin date.

I looked up and there he was walking into the coffee shop. He was about 5’11”, had a thick scraggly beard and was wearing an earth-toned wool shirt and contagious smile.

“Are you LauraEllen?”

The date was so fun! Conversation was easy, and we chatted for 3 hours mostly about history, hiking, books, and ultimate frisbee. He’s hiked all over the world, played Ultimate Frisbee all over the world, failed a self-made survival trip in Canada (he underestimated the cold), has a degree in philosophy, computer science, GIS, and is just completing a high school teaching certification in history.

Date #1, Check! 



Don’t worry guys, you’re just a number.


On October 13 of this year, I turned 26.

I am single.

I have been single since I was about twenty-one. He was my first official boyfriend, and we dated for four months. I already had had some lingering doubts. The moment I knew for sure it wasn’t right was when he asked me a simple question… “can I kiss you?”

First of all, what are we in middle-school? Why would you ask a girl to kiss her? Be man! Have you ever seen James Bond or any movie? Since when does Sean Connery or Chris Hemsworth ask a girl to kiss her? My advice, if you’re a dude and she’s already your girlfriend: go for it and take the debonair approach, DON’T ASK!

Since he reverted to asking, it made me very uncomfortable and awkward and then I had to think about it…

Insert Laura’s thoughts: **”do I wanna kiss him? I mean he’s kinda cute and nice…but I was already thinking of breaking up with him, so I probably shouldn’t lead him on…”**


I told him I wasn’t ready and GAVE HIM A HUG.

Ehhh…makes me shudder just thinking about it. And bull crap! I wasn’t not ready, I just didn’t want to be awkwardly asked by my boyfriend if he could kiss me. Three weeks after this unnatural interaction, I finally built up enough courage to break up with him.

He was my last official boyfriend.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve been on a lot of dates and have had several almost boyfriends but they just haven’t quite worked out and hey, the last 5 years been busy.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The other day, I was chatting on the phone with one of my best girl friends about dating, and how we just haven’t made dating a priority.

About 7 of my closest friends are female (and with the exception of one or two) are unmarried. They ARE AWESOME (including the married ones): bright, hardworking, adventurous, ambitious, and exciting, and most of us just haven’t made dating a priority…

Over the phone my friend said, let’s do a dating challenge…

10 dates before Christmas!

I accepted.

Here we go! 10 dates in 2.5 months.

This challenge is made possible and brought to you by dating apps (take a guess as to which ones).