Throwback Thursday to Thursdays

We so look like sisters

This throwback Thursday goes to one of my most cherished friends, Becklee. We have been friends for a long time (being cousins and all), but three years ago we became especially close when she invited me to go swing dancing with her. I didn’t want to go at first because, as many of you know, Becklee is gorgeous, graceful, and a really good dancer! I finally decided to give it a shot. And now, it’s history. Swing dancing soon became one of my favorite things to do! It was much more than dancing though, it was spending time with one of the great gals ever! Observing her teach others to dance so patiently, so gracefully, so sweetly, demonstrated her splendid character. My admiration for her grew even more. Thursdays became a tradition for us: I would drive to her house in Canton, and then she would drive us to Farmington. We would always stop for coffee on our way to jack up on caffeine—as if we weren’t already hyper. After the dance, we would go back to her house, stay up late, and watch a movie or talk about everything. IMG_3068Oh Thursday traditions, how I miss you! What a delight to spend Thursday’s with you my dear friend, Becklee. You truly are one of my favorite people! So, I dedicate this Throwback Thursday to you.