Denver Explorations

I’m starting to get into a routine: get up at 7:30am, have a nice/interesting conversation with Grandpa while eating breakfast, get ready for coffee at Caribou with both Grandpa and Grandma, return to the Barclay by 10am, send in one or more applications for employment, read my book, then it’s about time for lunch! After lunch I try to be creative and do something interesting while waiting to hear from hopeful employers. Since staying inside all day waiting to hear back from these possible employers doesn’t suit me, I decided to explore and discover more of the city every afternoon (after my morning routines are finished of course). I’ve been to Denver many times and have seen a great deal; however, I haven’t seen it all. This past weekend, I researched things to do in the city: tours, museums, cafés, stores, etc. Monday began my week of discovery.

Monday (59 degrees and sunny), I walked to the Highland’s (North-West Denver). The Highland’s are really fun as a new-and-upcoming area with a lot of new apartments, cute shops, and of course (the best part) a HUGE REI. They moved into the large old brick power station and cleaned it up, but kept its rustic outdoorsiness. AND, it has an indoor rock-climbing wall. AND a Starbucks. Not too shabby, aye?


Yesterday (50 degrees and sunny), I explored Capitol Hill. I toured the capitol, visited the art museum of course, read a book about the Taj Mahal in the public library, and strolled back to the Barclay. I struck up a conversation with the old guard, Leon, at the capitol. Ironically, he had lived in Michigan (Zeeland specifically) for twelve years. That’s where I was born! Anyway, he told me that the architect who designed the Denver capitol also designed Michigan’s capitol in Lansing. Cool huh? After learning that, the capitol felt homier.


Now today (28 and snowing), I’m in Union Station one of my top favorite places to chill, read, and watch so many different people come and go. Now to discover today’s exploration. But first, I must decide a direction: North, South, East, or West…?


The Market

Here I am, after much travelling, sitting in the Market, my favorite café in Denver. Even though I have never been to Europe, it seems to have a European feel to it with its coffee, deli, gelato, and French looking chairs and tables. I think the owner is the small Italian man with a thick accent and substantial smile.
Last week when I was here, I was sitting at one of the French tables sketching and reading. One of the workers was clearing a table beside mine. He greeted me and asked where I was from. I proceeded to tell him my story of recently moving to Denver. He said, “I hope you find a job and like the city.” He left smiling with a pile of dishes in his arms. I went back to my sketching, and about five minutes later, he returned with a large piece of white cake covered in strawberries, blackberries, pineapple, and mango, “Welcome to Denver! Here is a slice of our most popular cake.” Wasn’t that nice? How lovely! He truly succeeded in making me feel welcome to this kind city, and now I like this café even more!