“The Holland Road”


“The Holland Road” by Mumford and Sons is such a catchy song. It’s on my iPhone and often comes on when I’m driving. It brings me back to the summertime—to Holland. This song has nothing to do my Holland, ironically, but is rather about a broken hearted man. Ah well. I still think of my Holland. Oh, how it’s one of my favorite places on earth where I’ve lived, when I wasn’t working, I was biking, running, swimming in Lake Michigan, climbing dunes in the daylight and descending them in the moonlight.

Eve, my best friend, and her family were gracious enough to let me live in their home during the summer where I worked as a waitress for a yacht club on Lake Michigan; rough, I know. I worked the evening shifts 4:30pm-11: 30pm. Upon returning to the house after a night of work, Eve would often be waiting for me. Both of us would be tired, but that didn’t matter when there was so much to talk about. Often, as we were lying in our beds chatting, a short silence would incur. Then, one of us would say, “ice-cream?” Our answer is obvious. So, in the middle of the night, we would tiptoe to the kitchen and eat a large bowl of chocolate, vanilla, or whatever ice cream we would find.

Holland is such a beauty; she’s a glorious town and often on my mind. When I hear the song, “The Holland Road,” my mind begins to wander, wander down the road to Holland, the place that I most love. I feel a longing of adventure, of something new, of something different. It’s the Holland road, but this time it’s not to Holland…where is it? It’s a yearning of adventure. Where shall the road take me next? Out west, to the east? Who knows? The road will take me all over, and I will follow it for a while, but I know, that one day I will return to Holland, and there I will remain.

Every time the song comes on, I start down the road again.